Full Moon

Full Moon

I just recently got into watching the anime series of Full Moon (or Furu Mūn o Sagashite).  I discovered it after I signed up for a Hulu account last week. Within watching only a few episodes, I found myself instantly hooked on this series. Although I always seem to have an interest in anime and manga that features musicians or models, I really like this particular story because of what the main character is going through.


Mitsuki Koyama is 12 years old and is a talented singer who dreams of becoming professional someday. The problem is that she has sarcoma and the only cure is to get surgery. However, surgery would risk her destroying her vocal cords and losing her singing capability. One day, she is visited by a pair of shinigami, who explain to her that she only has a year left to live.

Discovering that she only has a small amount of time left, Mitsuki decides to spend her time devoting herself towards becoming a singer. Eventually the shinigami begin helping her, but originally it's on the basis that they don't want her to have a hard time letting go of the physical realm when she dies in the future. However, as time progresses, they both begin to realize that she is very talented and so they proceed to help her as their powers can permit.

In the sub-plot, Mitsuki is also hoping that she will meet Eichi again - a young boy that she met while she was living at the orphanage. Although they both liked each other, Eichi eventually was adopted and had the chance to immigrate to America before Mitsuki had the chance to tell him how she felt about him.

Overall, I've watched around maybe 14 episodes of this anime series, and I have to say - I love it!