it over? it over?

They hint, but does it mean anything?

Many people have been following the Bleach series for some time now. Now, it's considered one of the “ big titles” in the US and has proven to be a break out hit despite it's rather vague origins. The series Kubo Tite is not, or rather was not an established Mangaka before. His earlier series “ zombie powder” is really only known to those who are in the manga trenches, more know it only in hindsight. So what drove it?


Kubo actually got his first shot after winning a contest. He was just like any other fan, creating something for the fun of it. Not formally trained, no real discipline. Kubo himself is known for saying he cant read other comics, or get caught up in anything or his attention span will drift and nothing will get done. The series Bleach is what made him a Manga superstar.


While the series has had it's ups and downs it still manages to hold on to it's high marketability. Fans have even managed to learn when Tite is having attention span issues, sighting excessively long fights that take up 5 or 6 issues but accomplish little to nothing in the story telling area. He has created so many characters, and archs in the story that it's hard to figure out how, or when he's going to tie them together. With the “ Fullbringer” arch over with the Bleach series has moved into a story line that seems like it will be bigger than the last few arches. Will this be a climactic end to the Bleach Sara, or do you think Kubo will try and draw it out as long as possible?